Ohio Dominican Cheerleading

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2013-14 Roster

Alison Baker
Hannah Gabriel
Day Jones
Nicole LaMaye
Amy Lantz
Tori Lantz
Kaileigh Marsch
Erin Messerly
Kaitlin Perfect
Taylor Pickering
Kayla Roberts
Sara Selegue
Kelsey Shoemaker


ODU Cheerleading tryouts for the 2014-2015 season will be held on Sunday, April 27 from 12:30 - 7 p.m. in the Alumni Hall Gym.  The clinic portion will consist of learning a cheer, chant, and dance.  For the judging portion, participants must wear a plain white t-shirt, black shorts, and athletic shoes (preferably white).  Time will be given to prepare prior to judging if a participant wishes to bring a change of clothes.  Tumbling and stunting experience is not required but each skill will be evaluated during judging and taken into consideration. 

Interested individuals may contact Coach Rita Collura at collurar2@ohiodominican.edu

Philosophy and Objectives

The primary purpose of a cheerleader is to be a member of the team.  The goal of this team as a whole is to support intercollegiate athletics and ODU. That support is directed into four areas of conduct, as follows: (1) to lead cheers and to raise the level of fan support for intercollegiate athletics; as well as to lead in positive vocal support for the team towards the University and its teams; (2) to participate by performing tumbling, partner stunts, motions, pyramids, dance movements; (3) to serve as public relations ambassadors of intercollegiate athletics and Ohio Dominican University; to uphold, reflect and project the goals and ideals of the University. This includes, but is not limited to: appearing at University activities, functions and programs, at charitable and public causes and promote intercollegiate athletics and the University; (4) to represent the University and the cheerleading program as an outstanding citizen with moral and positive actions on and off campus.



The Ohio Dominican University Cheerleading program has one team. The team is open to males and females. The team is composed of roughly 16 persons who are expected to cheer year-round for Football and Men’s and Women's Basketball home events. Attendance to away games will be discussed as a team and will depend on available funds.


There is one major tryout in April of each year. This is the tryout when the majority of the positions are filled by qualified candidates. If needed, a fall tryout is held to fill vacant spots or to allow incoming freshman who missed tryouts the previous April to tryout for the team. It is possible that some girls may meet very minimum requirements; however, we will only take the most qualified individuals for the positions. The main purpose of tryouts is to take the best and most talented individuals for the Ohio Dominican Cheerleading team.


Team Selection

When selecting the team we are looking for individuals that demonstrate proper technical skills, confidence, leadership, effective communication skills, and will be committed to the program on and off the field. We select individuals who are also committed to being successful students academically as well as being well rounded individuals.



Each member is to maintain a full-time academic status to remain eligible. To be a successful athlete at Ohio Dominican University, you must be successful in academics as well. The minimum GPA that is to be maintained to be academically eligible is 2.0.  Grades will be reviewed at the conclusion of each semester. Members with a GPA lower than 2.0 will be immediately suspended from any games or performances. 


Camps and Instruction

The Ohio Dominican University cheer team attends a Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) summer camp each year.  For this camp, purchase of campwear and camp fees are required.  Also, the ODU team attends stunting and tumbling instructions during the season.  If all members do their part in fundraising, money from the cheerleading club account will help cover the cost of these fees and will not require much out-of-pocket expenses for each team member.